06 November 2008

Commerce Energy Sells Texas Retail Electric Business for $14.8 Million

International Business Times
Commerce Energy Group, Inc. said today that its principal operating subsidiary, Commerce Energy, Inc., sold all of its retail electric service contracts in Texas to Ambit Energy, LP (Ambit), for an estimated $14.8 million. The purchase price includes $8.5 million in cash received on closing, a second payment of $2.7 million, reduced by customer deposits and adjusted for final customer count, to be received on or before November 24, 2008 and deferred payments over a 24-month period estimated to be $3.6 million.

"This is a significant, positive step in both paying down debt as well as strengthening the core platform of the company," said Commerce chief operating officer, Michael Fallquist. "We found a buyer in Ambit that shares our commitment to great technology, products and customer service. Ambit has agreed to preserve the terms and conditions of the customer contracts and this transaction will be seamless to all our customers.


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