13 September 2008

Company Profile: LifeMax

LifeMax is a new company currently in pre-launch. Scheduled to open for business on October 10 & 11, 2008.

Here's some information about LifeMax from the corporate site:
The Birth of LifeMax™

After Jim and Sherri Wear, the founders of LifeMax™, both received less than optimistic test results from their physician, they set out to make a dramatic change in their health. Through a more regimented diet and the addition of nutritional supplements, they sought to undo any damage that may have already been done. Their desire to live a long and healthy life led to the birth of LifeMax™. During an outing with a friend, Sherri Wear was introduced to Salvia hispanica L. She and her husband, Jim Wear, used the product for weeks and were amazed by its remarkable properties.

The Rediscoverer of Salvia hispanica L.

The foremost expert in the world on the growing and harvesting of Salvia hispanica L. and the rediscoverer of the seed, Dr. Wayne Coates, set out to enhance the nutritional value of the basic Salvia hispanica L. by combining the best qualities from many variations of the seed. After extensive research by Dr. Coates and his team of scientists, this goal was accomplished resulting in the world’s most beneficial and nutritious version of Salvia hispanica L. – The LifeMax Signature Grain™.

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