07 September 2008

Official Launch of ‘The Ultimate Wealth Formula’ Consultant Seminar Program Results in Success

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Wealth Masters International launched the greatly anticipated kickoff of the Consultant Seminar Program (CSP) on Thursday evening, September 4, 2008. Seminars were hosted by CSP Certified Consultants in at least 3 countries, resulting in complete success. Wealth Masters International (WMI) is the FIRST and only company of its kind tackling the economic challenges of today with first class education along with an income opportunity that is second to none.

The WMI Consultant Seminar Program (CSP) is a turnkey seminar solution that will help piece together the fundamentals in online marketing and propel you to a multiple six-figure income. The CSP is being referred to as "traditional marketing with cutting edge capabilities". When you attend this seminar, you will find out how to be on the right side of this 'never before seen' trend. "The Ultimate Wealth Formula" reveals the major changes happening right now in our financial system that will either make you really rich or really poor. You will learn about the #1 mistake that nearly everyone makes managing their hard earned money. This is critical and will put you on a new path to greatly increase your earnings and potential.

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