23 July 2008

Torrance-based Sunrider opens plant in Harbor Gateway

The Daily Breeze
The cavernous three-building complex pushing up along Francisco Street in Harbor Gateway is part of Sunrider International's ambitious efforts to expand while maintaining its quality.

The new buildings will let Sunrider move its main production operations from an overcrowded site in the City of Industry. And because quality control is important to the the private maker of about 400 different herbal products from teas to vitamin bars, it has decided to keep its main production operations in Los Angeles County instead of opening a new plant in, say, China.

"The reason we moved from the City of Industry to Harbor Gateway is it's only five minutes away from me," said Tei Fu Chen, Sunrider's chairman and founder. "So I can supervise much closer and I can oversee the quality. I cannot go to China every day."

Chen added that he prefers to keep the company's know-how nearby for "100percent control" amid numerous competitors who could benefit from such proprietary knowledge.



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