20 July 2008

Arbonne Canada Opens New Distribution Center in Calgary

In an inaugural ceremony held in the presence of some 500 guests, Arbonne International Distribution, Inc., a subsidiary of Arbonne International, LLC, manufacturer and distributor of personal care and skin care products, today announced the opening of a second Canadian distribution center and training facility in Calgary, in response to its rapidly growing clientele in Western Canada and throughout the country. The company, which commenced Canadian operations in 2006, also has corporate offices and a distribution facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

"Our growth in Canada has not only been impressive, making Arbonne one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in this country, but it has happened much faster than our predictions," said Jack Crowley, Sr. Vice President, International Operations. "In less than two years, our company has grown to over 60,000 Independent Consultants, a large proportion of which are located in Canada's Western provinces. We owe that success in large part to the ebullient entrepreneurship of our Canadian Consultants and to the enthusiastic acceptance of our products by Canadian consumers," he explained.

"The choice of Calgary came naturally to us, as our company enjoys tremendous success in Alberta, where over 40 percent of our Independent Consultants are based," said Stuart A. MacMillan, Arbonne Canada's Managing Director. "In fact, the province of Alberta is where Arbonne's business is the most flourishing in Canada, and the Calgary region largely contributes to that status, with 12 percent of our Consultant base," he added.



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