13 July 2008

Lightyear Alliance is Leading the Wireless Revolution

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Lightyear is partnering with the largest network provider in the U.S. and will be offering state of the phones and extremely competitive plans. The truly exciting part is the fact that no other MLM company in the world pays a true residual commission on their own privately branded wireless products. This means Lightyear Alliance will be able to do what no other companies can do - pay people a true residual income to use services they're going to use anyway.

Wireless phone service isn't going to be the only product launched in the wireless division launch. Wireless internet will also be released, making Lightyear Alliance the only MLM company in the world to even offer wireless internet and pay a true residual commission on it.

We talked with Lightyear Alliance top earner Senior Vice President Ben Sturtevant who had this to say about the new wireless launch: "This is the most excited I have been in my 11 years in this industry. When you look at the size of the wireless industry, the volume that a Network Marketer can tap into, and the commissions that Lightyear will be paying, it truly creates a perfect storm!"



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