14 May 2008

Three Reasons We Don't Reach Our MLM Goals and Dreams

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So many books, tape programs, and articles expound the goal philosophy. We all work toward our goals, but sometimes, maybe many times, we fall short.

Why? What went wrong? Did we? Or is this all a sham? We know some people make it. Some people reach their goals. We read about them all the time. Why not me?

Goals and goal-predicting are critical to success in your MLM Network Marketing Business opportunity, and one must focus on the intended result. We have written down our goals in crystal clear terminology. We have made those little cut-out pictures and put them on the walls for constant moral and visual support. Haven’t we all chanted our goals robustly, with confidence, unwavering and vibrato? Probably that and then some.


Anonymous Corrisa said...

It's more than chanting mantras, positive thinking, and goal setting!

It's all mindset. If think you're going to fail, you will.

If you think you're going to succeed you will.

You become what you believe. The sad part is that most people start failing before they ever give themselves a chance to succeed.


5/27/2008 09:15:00 PM  

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