21 July 2008

Mannatech's New CEO Launches North American Tour with Sales Associates in Denver

Mannatech, Incorporated , a leading developer and provider of dietary supplements and skin care solutions, has launched a North American "Whistle-Stop Tour" in 10 cities where new President and CEO Wayne Badovinus will visit with thousands of independent sales Associates listening to their input while discussing key business-building strategies, the power of the field and corporate working together, and accelerating change for the better.

"The fuel to drive our growth is energy, enthusiasm, dedication, integrity, action - and most of all - passion. We know it all starts with our valuable team of independent Associates," said Badovinus, Mannatech's president and CEO. "We all have the opportunity to turn weakness from the past into strengths for the future. Mannatech is a new company - we are moving forward and not looking back."



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