27 February 2008

BioNovix, Inc.: Management Team Confirmed; Communication Policies; Brokerage Talks Underway

The Earth Times
BioNovix, Inc., a Delaware corporation, announced confirmation of the revised Management structure, establishment of a new communications policy, including commencement of formal press releases, and ongoing brokerage discussions.


In its first year, BioNovix produced exponential growth with revenues, while awaiting profitability on the horizon. In just one year, the Company has approximately 9,000 distributors and has expanded with a foot into Mexico, the Philippines and Korea, each at different stages of progress. In order to better serve its Independent Business Consultants and Investors, BioNovix, Inc. announces the following information.

Management Team

According to Mark Labertew, CEO, CFO, "I am motivated and focused to move us into a worldwide concern with growth and profitability through a balance of financial minded controls and systematic growth here and overseas."

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