03 January 2006

Learning Before You Leap

Michael Lemm:
Before you jump right into using MLM leads...and finding or creating a leads source etc.....you need to learn, understand, and decide what you're going to do with those leads first. Have a plan....and an approach for generating (self or purchase or both), contacting, engaging, qualifying, follow-up, and closing your leads. Just the act of "getting leads" doesn't solve your business dreams. It's what you do with them and how that makes all the difference.

The truth be told any lead can work for you. If you know what to do with it. You simply need to find a lead that stops where you want to begin.

To help you formulate a strategy for your leads beforehand...and guide you through every step of actually putting it to work...I suggest you devour everthing in "How To Work With Leads".
Best MLM Resources: Avoid The Pain....What To Know BEFORE Using MLM Leads


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