14 November 2005

Doug Firebaugh - Inferno Tour - Indianapolis Nov 19th

It is my honor to be acting as co-host with Loraine Beasley for the Indianapolis tour stop of Doug Firebaugh's Inferno Tour this Saturday. I have had the unbelievable good fortune to have worked with Doug on some training for my company recently. Doug approached me about helping out with this event some time ago.

No doubt, many recognize Doug Firebaugh as a dynamic leader and business developer in Network Marketing. Doug has authored hundreds of training articles on the subject of successful business growth and expansion.

For more information and registration information for the Indianapolis seminar, as well as other cities on the tour, click HERE.
The PassionFire North American INFERNO Tour 2005/2006 with Doug and Jodi Firebaugh is coming to Indianapolis! Join us for the most comprehensive single day training in the history of Network marketing and MLM! It will be a day PACKED with practical how to's, principles and concepts, and the secrets of this business. This training is comprehensive and will benefit distributors of all levels and experience in the business.

Perhaps I will get a chance to meet and talk with some of you this weekend.

Thank you Doug and Jodi.

Special Thanks to Loraine Beasley who has coordinated all the important details.



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