02 October 2005

Natural Selling - Calling Leads Training Program

This from Michael Oliver's Natural Selling blog -

If you're a Network Marketing or MLM distributor and want to get the best results from your lead programs, don't spend another cent until you've seen my new, 4 CD audio program, "Calling Leads".

"Calling Leads" is a special extended edition and contains 4 CDs and well over 3 hours of in-depth information to help you get full value from every dollar you spend on leads.

Learn more about this new program...



Blogger http://www.ziami4canada.com said...

Hi Dave
Excellent blog very informative and insightful plus many great links.
I am involved with mentoring for free as you can check out in my blog you will see that we have a slightly different approach to the MLM business model and all that get involved in MLM.
I think that in your introduction you speak about values-honesty,integrity,dedication and commitment....we have alot in common.
I would ask that you permit me to link to your site.
My blog is new and I still need to get the bugs out and update more often with relevent info but I think we can help each other through linking sites.
I will let you be the judge and if all goes well email me or post comment with your desired link code info
To Your Success Greg Shunk

10/07/2005 10:01:00 PM  
Blogger Dave Stone said...


Thanks for the kind words and stopping by my page. Feel free to add my link to your blog and I will do likewise.


10/08/2005 12:00:00 AM  

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