08 October 2005

Do your homework

Shelley Penny at Net Nuggets writes about the need to stay connected to your company, the industry, your products, and your training and support program. Common sense advice that seems to be overlooked or neglected by many in our profession. Here's a sample -

That thought brings me to the point of my writing. It has occurred to me why it is so important to read about your company, the management, the big stars, the products and the vision. In fact it is absolutely crucial to your success that you sell yourself on your business every day.

You see, this industry is full of pitfalls, and dream stealing traps. There's a tiger in the bushes, and a wolf on the street corner. Distractions, and fears, that can throw you off track when your enthusiasm wans.

There are many reasons why you started your business...right? Whether you have been with your company for a month or a decade, you should be able to count those reasons off one by one.

Part of keeping yourself focussed on your goal and your reason has to include a daily supplement of company related "energy". You need to immerse yourself in the "culture" of the industry until it becomes a part of who you are.

Here's what I do to stay on the bubble. Read more...


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