21 December 2005

Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Here is a great post found today at Motivation Articles, Essays, Tips, and Advice about the dreaded comfort zone. The author of this article, David Breslow, provides a very thorough explanation of comfort zones and outlines ideas to help us break out of our personal comfort zones. Thanks to Josh Hinds for posting this gem -
Comfort Zones
By David Breslow

Everybody has one. It can be so subtle in its effect on us that we are not even aware of it. Everybody has a different one and the one we have can change from situation to situation! What is it? It’s called a comfort zone.

Whenever we take on a new project, try something new, attempt to set new goals or standards for ourselves whether it’s an individual, team or business we will, at some point, come face to face with our comfort zone. It’s not a matter of “if” it will happen it’s only a matter of “when” it will happen.

Josh Hinds has a fantastic site with tremendous articles and advice. Take a few moments to review his information. Of special note is the free newsletter available from Josh.


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Hi Dave, I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words about my site. It's truly appreciated, Josh Hinds :-)

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