12 March 2008

SISEL International, Utah's Newest Network Marketing Company, Achieves Record Ramp-Up

Centre Daily Times
SISEL International LLC ("Sizzle") is making history. One of the newest companies to emerge on the network marketing front, the company has already surpassed a number of records in the first quarter of its relatively quiet pre-launch.

SISEL is the crowning achievement of the "Mower Mission" - the culmination of a 20-year legacy that was started by Multilevel Marketing (MLM) icon Tom Mower Sr. and now includes his two sons, Tom Jr. and Darick. The word SISEL stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy and Longevity, the themes that each of the company's 20-plus products and programs represent.

Formally launched in October 2007 and privately held, the new company is making history on multiple fronts. Since its formal launch in October of 2007 SISEL has achieved industry record revenues in its first quarter. It has also enrolled close to 50,000 distributors worldwide--phenomenal growth for a startup company.

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